The enduring relevance of ideas, products and organisations is not based on simply following change and optimising the status quo. It is based on creating change and taking a distinct, attractive position - on an active, continuous and sustainable basis.

That is why blueformance puts the focus on vitality and agility resting on a creating, interdisciplinary attitude. Therefore, blueformance connects 3 pillars which are relevant to any organisation or venture:


  Brand - representing values, identity and culture

  • Brain - representing knowledge, the essential asset

  • Brilliance - representing active change and innovation

Relevant stakeholders representing the eco-system take a central position. The continuous connection between vision, strategy and action builds blueformance‘s backbone.


3 Pillars

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The best way to predict the future

is to create it.

Peter F. Drucker

What is blueformance ?

  blueformance is a comprehensive approach to advance the existing or create something new. blueformance helps to shape and develop ideas, products and organisations - on an active, continuous and sustainable basis.

Therefore, the focus is on active change and innovation, knowledge and brand.

What is special about blueformance ?

  blueformance connects both aspects of performance and organisational culture. It provides a specifically developed set of methods offered as a toolbox. Designed for a pragmatic use, this toolbox helps to develop and implement change and novelties – all the way from initialising to planning and realisation.