Purposetesting vitality, advancing and innovation capability

  Format:  interviews and specifically designed process

  In order to test an organisation‘s vitality, advancing and innovation capability, blueformance offers a specifically developed format: the „Blue-Check".

It is Blue-Check‘s strength to connect organisational facts to organisational culture and environmental dynamics. Following a certain procedure, these parameters get analysed and evaluated on the basis of both designated everyday situations and hard facts.

Blue-Check does not only deliver a status quo but a concrete list of measures to support vitality, advancing and innovation capability. This procedure has 3 steps:

  1. Dig  (analysing parameters)
  2. Define  (defining conclusions)
  3. Do  (delivering list of measures)

Aligned with blueformance‘s 3 pillars ( Brand - Brain - Brightness ), this procedure can be defined individually to put the focus on individual requirements. Especially when it comes to these fields, Blue-Check can offer support:

 - Innovation
 - Change processes
 - Competitiveness
 - Future Activities
 - Transformation

can be offered in 2 Variations. Either as interviews within a mutually defined period of time, or all-at-once as an individually designed workshop.



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