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  A brand does not stand for its appearance, but for a certain set of values reflecting certain qualities and competences. Therefore, brand management starts at the value system's very foundation: at an organisation's core identity and culture. This is where a brand's authenticity and an organisation's DNA is based on.

That is why one-dimensional marketing-perspectives do not work, since there is no connection between a brand's external and internal aspects. This causes a lack of impact, relevance and a solid, sustainable development.

The All-Brand-Concept©  is based on a practical approach: linking marketing and organisational culture. Therefore, the interaction between brand and environment as well as external and internal impact is blended into one structured approach - following vision, strategy and action. This way, both organisational development and product design are based on solid branding.

Introducing "12 Steps To Brand" as a vital instrument, the All-Brand-Concept© allows creating new brands as well as evaluating existing brands and their impact.

Basics of the All-Brand-Concept© have been published as book already.