Brand - Brain - Brightness 



  Enduring relevance of ideas, products and organisations is not based on optimising the status quo. It is based on creating a distinct position and its advancement - on an active, continuous and sustainable basis.

That is why blueformance puts the focus on vitality and a creating, interdisciplinary attitude. Therefore, blueformance connects 3 pillars which are relevant to any organisation or venture:


  Brand - representing values, identity and culture

  • Brain - representing knowledge, the essential asset

  • Brightness - representing active change and innovation

Relevant stakeholders take a central position. The continuous connection between vision, strategy and action builds blueformance‘s backbone. Thereby, vitality plays an overall part.



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3 Pillars

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The best way to predict the future

is to create it.

Peter F. Drucker

Creating Advancement



  What is blueformance?

blueformance is an approach to advance the existing or create something new.
blueformance helps to shape and develop ideas, products and organisations - on an active, continuous and sustainable basis.

That is why the focus is on active change and innovation, knowledge and brand.

  What is special about blueformance?

blueformance links a
specifically developed toolbox to pragmatic realisation. Designed for "ready-to-use", this toolbox connects cultural, strategic and operational aspects - focussing on a clear scope.