In many cases, stakeholder management is defined by a rather limited point of view integrating only a small number of stakeholder groups. Everything beyond that is understood to be too extensive and complex. This happens when stakeholder management is determined by effort not by opportunities. This way, potentials and important learning effects fall by the wayside. That is vital, though, when it comes to tasks in need of differentiation, new knowledge and different perspectives.

Focussing on internal and external stakeholders, the CS-Procedure© supports integrating and structuring different stakeholder perspectives and points of view. As such, "CS" stands for Common Space, an eco-system which respresents a common space for thinking and acting. Following clearly defined steps to be taken, this caters to identifying potentials and creating opportunities.

Within the CS-Procedure©, the "CS-Matrix" as a vital instrument offers a pragmatic way to take those steps. This is essential, when it comes to dealing with complexity, generating knowledge, developing innovations and shaping alliances.




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