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Developing Future-Ideas



  Purposedeveloping future-ideas and -options

  Formatspecifically designed workshop-process-mix

  With the help of blueformance's Future-Lab future-ideas and -options can be born and developed. Here, organisations or ventures can apply the toolbox and its methods to develop and draft something new.

Therefore, blueformance's Future-Lab offers a specifically developed workshop-process-mix based on a variety of 3 specifically developed methods:

  - Cross Perspectives © (developing new perspectives)
  - Lateral Creation © (lateral thinking and acting)
  - Open Building © (effective ways of getting concrete):

Tasks blueformance's Future-Lab can help to work on:

 - developing new perspectives
 - developing future options

 - developing ventures
 - developing new products

 - advancing the existing
 - challenging the existing

blueformance's Future-Lab is offered to organisations or ventures on a taylor-made and exclusive basis. Both scope and time frame are based on a common agreement.

Depending on the tasks defined, the toolbox and its solutions can be applied exactly where needed calling in experts in various fields.


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