Connecting Competences



  Purpose:  connecting organisations or ventures

  Format:  specifically designed process



  blueformance-Matchmaker helps to bring organisations or ventures together, to connect their competences, knowledge and skills. The goal is to leverage opportunities, to be able to grow and create something new on a joint basis.

Using models of cooperation and collaboration that embrace cultural, organisational and performing aspects, the focus is on connecting strengths and creating a win-win-win-situation.

blueformance-Matchmaker puts on 4 phases taken from the experiences of blueformance-Factory.

 - Define
 - Develop
 - Design
 - Do

blueformance-Matchmaker can help to work on:

 - start-ups and established organisations
 - joint-ventures
 - cooperations
 - public-private-partnerships
 - joint know-how
 - developing something new

blueformance-Matchmaker is offered to organisations or ventures on a taylor-made and exclusive basis. Both scope and time frame are based on a common agreement depending on individual needs.



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