Out Of The Box



  Purpose:  trying new ways of thinking and acting

  Formatspecifically designed process

  Free from actual and concrete tasks, blueformance-Playground is a special format to introduce unconventional methods and techniques of active advancement and innovation.

The goal is to get out of the box and try new ways of thinking and acting beyond usual limits in a safe setting. The focus is on developing and integrating new perspectives, lateral thinking and acting as well as effective ways of implementation.

Created as a specifically designed workshop, blueformance-Playground offers a variety of 3 specifically developed methods:

  - Cross Perspectives © (developing new perspectives)
  - Lateral Creation © (lateral thinking and acting)
  - Open Building © (effective ways of implementation)

In order to allow an exclusive and confidential atmosphere, blueformance-Playground can be offered in-house if appreciated. Regarding the duration, there are 2 options:

1-day-option:  providing techniques and tools
2-days-option:  offering elaborate case studies in addition



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