Triple-Vitality ©

Vitality & Fitness








CS-Procedure ©





All-Brand-Concept ©

 Identity & Brand






Heartbeat-Model ©





Loop-Creating ©

Advancement & Innovation



Visionater ©

 Vision & Mission






Pathfinder ©





Act-Box ©





Developing Future Options
Developing Visions
Developing Brands
Creating Knowledge
Developing Innovations

Developing Vitality
Developing Strategies
Developing Products & Ventures
Developing Core Competences
Shaping Value-Added Chains

Shaping Organisations
Shaping Transformation
Integrating Stakeholders
Dealing With Complexity
Shaping Sustainability



 Specific Methods  -  As Needed



  To cover the scope and fields of activity, blueformance offers a toolbox including its own, specifically developed methods. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, though, since these methods ...

  - can be used and combined as needed and necessary
  - connect cultural, strategic and operational aspects
  - keep the balance between statics and dynamics

All methods evolved from everyday business - always keeping the big picture, because each method is part of an overall approach.

Fields Of Activity



  Following its 3 pillars, blueformance builds on unfolding a clear scope focussing on brand, brain and brightness.

Thereby, blueformance connects internal and external aspects of an organisation or venture. This leads to clearly defined fields of activity. These are:

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