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Developing A Digital Platform For Cooperation And Innovation

Region Berlin-Brandenburg

  Digital solutions don`t mean just more efficiency. Based on smart structures, they make it possible to use existing but yet unused potentials. Following such principle, a digital platform for cooperation and innovation is being developed these days.

Part of this platform will be clients and partners of an already existing network. Thereby, the overall goal is developing innovative products and services as well as creating further value based on smart cooperations. To do so, specific functionalities are going to be developed and rolled out step by step.

Not only the platform itself will be based on cooperation and innovation, though, but the entire project-team. Various competence-centres with a broad range of knowledge are building a strong taskforce. blueformance is contributing to the core-concept, strategy and process-design as well as brand. As soon as the first functionality will be going online an update will be published.