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  Focussing on a practical approach, some of blueformance's methods have been published as books or book contributions. This creates a solid methodical basis. So far, some of these books have been published in German only.

The Brand Is Alive!
The All-Brand-Concept

The Brand As The Core Of Sustainable Organisational Development

A brand does not stand for its appearance but for a certain set of values reflecting certain qualities and competences. Focussing on values and identity, the All-Brand-Concept© supports developing a brand from vision to action bridging both organisational culture and marketing. This way, new brands can be created and existing brands can be advanced.

by Patrick Halek
Language: German


The Heartbeat-Model©

Bridging The Gap Between Strategic Marketing And Knowledge Management

Focussing on knowledge as the essential asset, the Heartbeat-Model© supports linking all relevant players and aspects within an organisation in order to create and benefit from knowledge. This way, an organisation becomes a knowledge-generator.

by Patrick Halek and Alexander Nyiri
Language: German


Keeping The Flow:
Creating Opportunities Based On Well Structured Collaboration

Contribution in: Managing in a VUCA World

As against most common views, complexity is nothing new. We've simply just started to realise. Therefore, we have to find ways of dealing with a complex environment and its ambiguous, uncertain face. Due to an enormous explosion of knowledge in almost every field of our lives, we can see that well-known recipes and rules for success do not work anymore. Trying harder makes it even worse, since the rules of the game have changed. Even more so: the game is a different one.

by Patrick Halek and Günter Strobl
Language: English

Book Contribution

Introducing an Organic Approach to Task and Process Design

Contribution in: S-BPM One – Education and Industrial Developments

Still, we focus on a very traditional way of working on tasks: a linear and mechanistic way of thinking and acting. Ignoring that modern, complex and highly developed systems need a different way of dealing with organisations, tasks and processes, we wonder more and more why goals can be achieved less and less.

by Fritz Bastarz and Patrick Halek
Language: English

Book Contribution



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