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"blueformance" is a coherent approach to shape and develop future-ideas, products and organisations. All content & visuals on this website: © Patrick Halek organisational & business consulting. Member of Austrian chamber of commerce. VAT-number on request.

This approach and its methods, models and instruments were developed by Patrick Halek. The "Heartbeat-Model" was developed by Patrick Halek and Alexander Nyiri. The "Changing-Game" was developed by Patrick Halek and C.I.G (Change & Innovation Group).  No copying, reproducing, altering or using of content and visuals without written permission. Site concept: Patrick Halek. Design implementation: M.F.H. All photos are used on the basis of Creative Commons CCO, credits are displayed on the photos.

The quality, accuracy and correct display of all content has been checked thoroughly. Any incorrectness is unintended. In case of any incorrect content please get in touch.

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Patrick Halek


  blueformance, its toolbox and methods were created and developed by Patrick Halek, except for the "Heartbeat-Model" and the "Changing-Game" which were both co-created and -developed by him (see disclaimer at the bottom).

Patrick Halek is corporate developer, organisational and management consultant focussing on developing active change and innovation, knowledge and brands.
He holds an MBA and worked in the media industry in
Canada, Germany and Austria as well as in organisational consulting. He is the author of books on linking knowledge management to strategic marketing and on developing brands. He published various book contributions on digitalising processes and on creating networks and cooperations.

blueformance's methods have been applied for various tasks in various industries and forms of organisations or ventures. Depending on task and scope, partners and experts can be brought in. For more, see Stories.

blueformance's scope and portfolio are developed and expanded on a continuous basis.