► Die Digitalisierung mischt die Karten völlig neu

Digitalisierung geht weit über Technologie und
Automatisierung hinaus. Sie definiert Branchen völlig neu und verändert das Selbstverständnis von Unternehmen.

Es ist bemerkenswert, dass das Thema Digitalisierung meist immer noch mit einem rein technologischen Auge gesehen wird, und zwar nicht nur gesellschaftlich, sondern vor allem von Unternehmen. Das ist verwunderlich... mehr...


Trying Harder Does Not Work

Challenges of today and tomorrow cannot be met with approaches of yesterday

   It's no news at all – it's cold coffee. We all know that technology, the knowledge explosion, societal developments and speed are driving organisations as change pleases. more...





► The Cradle Of Innovation: A Proper Organisational Culture

If organisations cannot get rid of their old-fashioned mindset, they will fail

  To some, organisational culture is still something too fluffy to be defined concretely. It is nice to know about it - but not down-to-earth enough for the jungle out there. → more...



► Holacracy – Sunny And Shady Sides

An appealing approach on the wrong track?

   What a shame: organisations and societal entities act far away from what their potential could offer. Instead of creating advancement many of them got stuck in dealing with themselves. Why? Because... more...





► Innovation Is Not About Technology

Innovation is about connecting people, knowledge and skills

   It is a pretty, fancy world out there, this world of innovation – and most of us feel being dragged right into it. There is still an overall view, though, which... → more...



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