Getting Concrete



  Purpose:   getting concrete, shaping and implementing

  Format:  specifically designed process



  In order to implement something new and bring it on the way, there is a special format within blueformance: blueformance-Factory.

Here, ideas, tasks and products can be shaped and made concrete. Therefore, the focus is put on shaping and implementing relevance, carried by the toolbox and its methods. blueformance-Factory is based on a specifically developed workshop-process-mix, describing 4 phases:

 1. Define
 2. Develop
 3. Design
 4. Do

Depending on individual needs, experts in various fields may be called in. This allows compact expertise generating additional, productive dynamics.

blueformance-Factory can help to work on:

 - making ideas concrete
 - shaping products
 - making ventures concrete
 - making fields of activities concrete

 - shaping transformation

blueformance-Factory is offered to organisations or ventures on a taylor-made and exclusive basis. Both scope and time frame are based on a common agreement depending on individual needs.



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