With the help of blueformance, concrete tasks can be addressed together with clients and partners. The following stories show ways of working with blueformance based on selected cases.







  Task: brand analysis as a basis for future opportunities
  Industry: publishing

  After a long and enduring success story, the client's brand was analysed thoroughly. Building on its qualities and core-competences, possible future potentials and fields of opportunities were defined in order to develop new business activities and cooperations.



  Task: developing a feasable innovation management
  Industry: life science

  The research & development division was defined as an innovation-platform for the entire organisation developing a clear role as well as a vision and mission. On such basis, a product development process was created making it possible to go from vague ideas to marketable products based on well-defined steps and check points.


  Task: analysing and rating of strategic key factors
  Industry: service and know-how

  In order to reshape the organisation's strategic focus, relevant key-factors were identified. These factors were analysed, rated and arranged properly. The rating criteria were developed on a joint basis.



  Task: coaching of structural change
  Industry: production

  After continuous growth of revenue and staff, the organisation had come to its natural limits. Together, priorities and a transformation process were developed in order to match understanding, structure, processes and roles with the new and coming situation step by step.



  Task: developing an IT-tool
  Industry: IT

  In cooperation with an IT-company the functional basis for an IT-tool was developed. The tool's purpose was to shape and display extensive interrelations and connections within organisations clearly and comprehensibly. The focus was on usability and intuitive handling.



  Task: analysing a value-chain
  Industry: engineering

  Based on the analysis of its value-chain and all relevant players the product's core-competences and uniqueness were defined. On these grounds, future potentials and market options were developed.





  Task: developing and implementing a curriculum
  Industry: university / academy

  In cooperation with a university and a corporate academy, a curriculum for educating future leaders was developed and implemented. The focus was on creating future options, strategy development and out-of-the-box thinking.





  Key Note Speech und Chairperson
  Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis 2018:
  „Cooperation Meets Innovation"

Speech: „How Beautiful Minds Can Meet And Create Something Grand"
Organised by Fraunhofer Institute Potsdam and Berlin Partner for Business & Technology.



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