Purposefocussing, developing, counselling

  Format:  specifically created consultment-approach

  Consultment is based on both consulting and development. It is its goal not only to offer consulting to organisations or ventures but develop tasks on a joint basis and make them ready for applying.

Therefore, within blueformance, a special approach was created: Core-Can-Concept©. This approach caters to a joint, solid development considering all aspects from evaluating to applying. Connecting methods and content, it covers all relevant steps based on an overall consultment-approach:

 - Evaluating
 - Developing
 - Planning
 - Applying
 - Counselling

Core-Can-Concept© was defined to get concrete. Following 3 phases (1-Core, 2-Can, 3-Concept), this allows to define all the way from scoping a task to developing and planning as well as operating requirements.

Depending on individual tasks and situations, the focus can be put on certain phases and on individual needs. Therefore, the toolbox and its methods can be applied fully and completely.



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